I’ve had a passion for science and research since I was a child, and my intensive studying and hard work finally paid off in 2000 when I graduated and became a qualified Researcher. I enjoy delving into new fields of research and following the results of my experiments into the uncharted scientific territory. Learn more about my work by checking out my current projects and past publications.

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My Research

Unlocking Life’s Mysteries

Data culture

We still have only a very limited understanding of today's data gathering. Answering questions about this is essential for understanding the mechanistic role it plays on other scientific processes, and for developing tools to further explore this research avenue with more sensitive measurements and improved data collection.

Grow together

In an effort to gain a better understanding of data privacy policies, I have recently begun to use a new technique to investigate the organization and functionality of the diverse parts of my experimental model. I am currently looking to expand this work by collaborating with other labs who have the facilities and prior experience to investigate this project further.

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